Our philosophy.

We believe that..

Your brand is your biggest asset.

Branding is profitable. Consistent brands generate up to 23% more revenue. If you’re not building a brand, you’re leaving money on the table.

Good brands are human.

Branding is about connecting with people. It’s about humanizing your company – making it feel relatable, flawed, emotional, real – and helping you connect with your customers on a deeper level.

Brands are ever-evolving.

Just like people, brands are fluid and ever-evolving. The digital world is constantly changing at a speed like never before, and the future of branding leaves more wiggle room for evolution and flexibility. We take a digital-first, agile approach.

Strong brands are able to adjust, adapt and grow in ever-changing markets.

We are hyper-passionate about…

Mesmerizing design

Timeless design goes beyond aesthetics. We design brand identities, websites, marketing collateral and digital content that will be sure to stand out.

crafting powerful strategies

Always rooted in brand psychology, we craft powerful, data-driven strategies to catapult your business towards your goals.

Consumer behaviour

We love research and we want to know what makes people tick. Getting to know your customers better is the key to winning their hearts.

nioma studio is led by kate bourque: a strategist and designer with nearly a decade of experience in branding, design, web and marketing.

Kate has spent better part of the last decade working in design, user experience, web, marketing and branding. She blends these skills together to take your brand to new heights, working with a team of like-minded creatives and marketing professionals.

Kate is passionate about creating, writing, psychology, brand education, and supporting business owners at every step of their growth.

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