Does Our Company Need a New Website?

Aug 30, 2022 | Web Design

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The digital landscape moves quickly and regular changes to design trends, web development best practices, and industry standards are to be expected.

On top of that, your brand has likely evolved over the last few years – so that website from 2018 may no longer be an accurate representation of your business. So how do you know if it’s time to refresh?

Your Website is More Than 5 Years Old

From a technical standpoint, a five year old website can start to present issues with functionality, especially if it has not been properly maintained over the years. Best practices in web development are constantly evolving, as well as design trends and Google’s search algorithm. So, what was great for your business five years ago, may not have the same impact now. At worst, it could negatively impact your business, by implying a lack of quality, reducing conversions and even putting you at risk for cyber-attacks.

If your site is more than 5 years old it’s very likely that not only is the design outdated, but the software is too. This can cause security issues, speed issues and user experience issues. Additionally, out-of-date websites are penalized by Google, making you rank lower in the search results.

Your Website’s Design is Outdated

According to Adobe, 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content and layout is unattractive. This means your website’s design has a huge impact on conversions. If it looks like it’s still stuck in the late 90’s, no one will want to stay. But if it has beautiful imagery, loads fast and is easy to use, they are much more likely to explore and buy. A website that positions your business skillfully and professionally will help you build credibility. Your company’s brand should also be consistent throughout your site. A modern website design goes a long way when it comes to looking current and staying ahead of the curve.

You’re Not Getting Leads, Traffic Or Conversions

Are you sending people to your site but feel like it could convert more? A combination of strong User Experience (UX) design and User Interface (UI) design can improve this.

Even simple things like making key pages easier to find can improve lead generation. For more refined and customized strategies, hiring a web design agency led by a strong marketing approach may be a better bet for you to get the results you want to see.

A good web development agency knows your site is a tool to help you attract, inform, and convert customers. They know the right design practices, messaging strategies and web architectures can change everything. Let your website work for you.

Your Website Is Not Mobile Friendly Or Responsive

According to Perficient, 61% of visits to U.S. websites were on phones while only 35.7% were on desktops in 2020. This means having a mobile-friendly site is imperative! And according to Hubspot, a whopping 93% of people left a website because it didn’t display or load properly on their device.

Those reasons alone are enough to start thinking about a re-design. A site that doesn’t render on mobile devices means lost leads and unpleasant user experiences. You can also expect better website SEO because Google rewards mobile-friendly sites by ranking them higher in search.

You’re Pivoting, Re-Branding, Or Repositioning Your Product

If you find your company suddenly (or even gradually) changing direction, or if you’re planning on repositioning your brand, a band-aid solution won’t be enough. It’s often better to start fresh with a new, strategic website that is built specifically with your company’s top goals in mind.

Sometimes you’ll want to change your niche, attract a different audience or present your product from a different angle. A redesign with strong web copywriting and layout can serve you better in the long term by improving your messaging, making your brand more relevant and providing an overall enjoyable user experience.

What Do I Need Out Of The Web Design and Development Process?

These elements are key in any web process for a successful outcome:

Start With a Digital Strategy for Your New Website

Establishing a preliminary strategy is a top priority before diving into design and content. Clarify goals, platform of choice (we recommend WordPress of Shopify), required integrations, web architecture, technical requirements and more.

SEO Research and Optimizations

If ranking high in search is important to you, then you will want extensive keyword research and a plan for SEO so you can get the highest possible ranking.

UX-Friendly Website Design

A user-friendly design experience is created specifically for the customers you want to attract. It keeps in mind their behaviour and the ways they will interact with your content.

Even better, eye-catching design helps to position your company as legitimate and professional. Design is a powerful tool for making subtle implications about your company’s characteristics – like price points, positioning, intended audience and more.

Strategically Written Web Copy

A great web copywriter knows how to weave SEO best practices with your company’s unique brand voice and messaging strategy for content that feels like you. With SEO-driven copy, there is sometimes a tendency to jam with keywords which can lead to sounding like it was written by a robot. The right balance is needed in order to sound natural and drive conversions.

Web Development That Uses Best Practices

Web development involves so much more than simply building pages. Developers optimize websites for speed to reduce loading times, increase security and strengthen the overall functionality of the site. They use current best-practices to ensure that your website’s code is written properly so that you don’t run into issues in the future.

A Strategic Partner for Your Brand and Marketing

Going through the web design process is one thing – but having a strategic partner that understands your needs and long-term goals will help you see a greater return on investment. This way, you continue to receive guidance and support beyond the website launch, with a big picture view of your business. At Nioma, we want to support you and work with you to meet your goals – whether that’s a short term objective or a multi-year plan.

Contact us to learn more about our web design and development services, or book a complimentary call with our team.