How Content Marketing Can Support Your Growth Strategy 

Jan 27, 2023 | Content Marketing

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There are many things to consider when building an effective marketing strategy for your business. Many businesses choose to focus their efforts primarily on outbound strategies such as paid advertising campaigns because of the instant transparency into return on investment (ROI).

What many companies often overlook is the power of content marketing. This kind of inbound marketing has proven to be an effective way to drive results across plenty of different industries – from software, to home goods, to real estate, to professional services (such accounting and legal) and more.

All great relationships are built on reciprocity, and your relationship with your customers should be no different. Content marketing is your way to provide them with valuable, high-quality information which in turn, will keep them coming back!

What is content marketing?

Content marketing consists of creating and distributing relevant content to attract and build a relationship with your target demographic. Content can take many forms, such as blog posts, articles, videos, email campaigns, and social media content. The purpose of creating this content is to share information and insights that are valuable to your ideal customer. 

Through this content, you can help build trust and authority with your target audience by establishing a rapport that provides them with value beyond simply advertising to them. In today’s markets, consumers are expecting more from brands, and look to them as a source of informative content about their products, services and/or industry. 

Why is content marketing an effective strategy?

Build Credibility and Trust

You position yourself as an authority on your topic when you provide your audience with valuable and relevant information that they care about. By providing them with something of value you are giving them a reason to interact with your business. You also help differentiate yourself from other similar companies by establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Content that showcases thought-leadership or shares unique industry perspectives will position your brand as an expert in your space.

Improving Search Engine Rankings

One of the key elements necessary to be found on search engines like Google is relevance. Search engines want to showcase the most relevant content to users. A good content strategy involves content pieces about relevant industry topics that are optimized for search engines. There is a balance to be found in ensuring your articles are optimized with best practices for SEO (search engine optimization) and creating helpful, user-friendly content. High quality content that includes the right SEO keywords (without keyword stuffing) tells search engines your website features relevant content and will in turn improve your chances of being found online and driving organic search traffic. 

Generating Leads

Gated content pieces like white papers, reports and free guides are effective for generating leads. Consider providing a high value content offer that key decision makers will want access to. The key is to ensure you understand your audience and what they need. And don’t forget – while copywriting is the backbone of your offers, design plays a role as well! When creating content for lead generation, consider interactive infographics, rich contextual imagery, and even educational videos. 

Educate Prospective Customers

Sharing information about your products and services helps your customers make informed decisions. This is especially true if you offer a new solution to a challenging problem, or a product with a more complex buyer journey. Strong buyer education increases your potential to attract and convert qualified leads. When potential customers truly understand what differentiates your products or services, your cost of acquisition and sale cycle will likely be reduced.

Strengthening Customer Loyalty

Brand loyalty is built when your audience finds continued value and has positive experiences with your company. Share valuable content. Give them a reason to favour your brand over your competitors.You can create content that they’ll want to read, save, and share with their friends or colleagues. The key is to understand their interests and the topics they are most likely to explore, and then build consistent value to keep them coming back for more.

Increasing Web Traffic

Content marketing is a great way to drive more traffic to your website, as well as increase the amount of time visitors spend on your site. Content such as blog posts or videos gives website visitors a reason to read, watch, and continue browsing. Great content also gives new visitors a reason to visit your site. Make sure you are distributing your content on the right channels that will drive the most traffic.

Content marketing is a proven strategy for increasing brand loyalty, boosting sales and driving web traffic. High-quality content is designed to be saved and shared which can also help expand your reach and spread brand awareness to new potential customers. 

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