A fun, fresh take on real estate web marketing

Wolfe Team has a fun, creative approach to helping home owners buy and sell real estate. We worked with them to develop an updated visual identity. We also carried out extensive user and industry research to inform a new, modern website for the company.

What was done

Brand Design

User Research

Messaging Strategy

Web Design and Development


Marketing Collateral Design

Social Media Design

Search Engine Optimization (Seo)

The Challenge

Wolfe Team needed a refreshed brand identity and a new website. The real estate industry is ripe with cliches and repetitive marketing tactics. When it came to refreshing Wolfe Team’s visual identity and creating a website that truly resonated with their audience, it was also important to differentiate them. The old website lacked imagery and visuals that truly showcased the brand personality and also presented some performance issues, which we addressed in our project together. It’s important to note that when Wolfe Team came to us, they already had strong and social media and video marketing – it was important that we armed them with a website to match.

The Solution

We carried out user research and industry research to better understand how Canadians of different demographics are purchasing and seeking out real estate. This informed our approach. We also worked with them to gain a deep understanding of their brand and develop a web content strategy that aligned with their goals.

We then worked with them to design a new and modern brand identity, which was then used to refresh their marketing collateral and website.

Finally, we built a new website for the real estate team that offers a fresh spin on an arguably dated industry. Wolfe Team is not your average real estate team. Their fun approach to real estate is one of the things that makes them unique, and it was important to showcase this important aspect of their brand personality. The website is filled with rich contextual imagery, bright iconography and dynamic video. We wrote SEO-optimized content that was playful in nature all while maintaining a level of expertise. This resulted in improved organic search traffic with high engagement rates of over 75%.