No guesswork here. We love research and data, and we use it to make informed decisions about your growth and develop powerful strategies to help move you forward. If you’re feeling lost, we can help you find clarity again.

Define a clear path to success.

Find Direction

When it comes to brand growth decisions, the best companies make informed choices – not reactive ones. We translate our research and strategic recommendations into an actionable plan to help you navigate and manage brand growth challenges.

Align Your Vision

Are your internal teams aligned on your vision? Disjointed perceptions across the company and a lack of messaging consistency can have negative long term impacts. A shared vision is a powerful tool. We help you get there.

Gain Deeper Understanding

You’re stronger when you know where you stand. From consumer research to buyer journey mapping, we get to know your customers’ needs, pain points and buying behaviour. Competitive analysis and industry research help to direct your market positioning.


Strategy is the foundation of any successful marketing initiative. Discover our strategy and consulting services.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Customer Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Positioning Strategy
  • Demand Generation
  • Content Strategy
  • Digital Strategy
  • Buyer Journey
  • Marketing & Brand Audits

What can we say, we’re strategic thinkers.

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How Much Competitor Research is Too Much?

How Much Competitor Research is Too Much?

Competitive analysis is crucial for a successful growth strategy. At Nioma, we’ve done countless competitor research projects as a part of our strategic services. There’s no doubt that any business that wants to be top of mind for their customers needs to understand...

How Consumer Attitudes Towards Homes Are Changing

How Consumer Attitudes Towards Homes Are Changing

What does home mean to you? As we've moved into a digital economy, the way we think about and experience our living spaces has evolved. For companies that sell home goods (like furniture makers or home decor companies) and even interior designers, this means changing...