How Founders and Brands Can Leverage LinkedIn

Aug 30, 2022 | Social Media Marketing

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LinkedIn has 830 million users around the world, and over 58 million registered companies. There’s no doubt this professional social media networking tool worth incorporating into your social media marketing strategy – not only for B2B brands, but for DTC and beyond. Here’s why.

LinkedIn is not just for B2B.

Contrary to popular belief, LinkedIn is not just for B2B brands. B2C brands have also seen great success on the platform, and with the right strategy, your B2C business could too. B2C brands that are not currently using LinkedIn have an opportunity to make use of the social network not only to attract talent and recruit employees, but to build connections with their customers.

After all, all of us on LinkedIn are regular people who buy things. We may be using the platform in a career-centred way, but that doesn’t mean that brands can’t connect with the right audiences and market their products or services successfully. Context is important.

Leverage Founders’ Personal Brands

LinkedIn Business Pages are still key for connecting with your audience in both the B2B and B2C space. However, there is an increased importance placed on founders’ personal LinkedIn accounts. They should be creating posts from their personal accounts, with an emphasis on storytelling and developing a personal brand.

Also, they can leverage their company’s existing content, sharing posts from their business page to their own network and adding their personalized spin. This adds a human element to your content marketing. People want to connect with people.

Modern marketing relies more and more heavily on personal brands, and founders need to be putting themselves out there if they want to build brand awareness and trust. Audiences want to hear about your personal experiences in your business, your opinions on what is happening in your industry, and the behind the scenes of founder life. You want to be positioned as an expert in your industry.

Networking and building relationships have always been some of the best ways to grow a business, and in 2022, this approach is a modernized version of that.

Using LinkedIn to Attract Top Talent

Beyond building brand awareness and connecting with potential clients or customers, brands are leveraging LinkedIn to attract top talent. This isn’t necessarily new, and it’s not really a surprise – LinkedIn has always been about connecting employers and employees.

What is continuing to evolve though, is how important it is for brands to showcase their company culture, and the ways they are doing so. With work life balance, pay transparency, work from home and burnout being hot topics in 2022, companies are being challenged to address these issues.

Gone are the days where beer carts and ping pong tables were attractive to prospective employees. Employees are more publicly open about wanting things like work/life balance, remote work opportunities and mental health supports in the workplace.

There was a time when speaking out about these things was considered bold – but now it isn’t uncommon to see an openness around burnout, boundaries at work, and toxic workplace cultures. There are so many factors at play here – changing dynamics between employers and employees since the labour shortages that started in 2020, evolving societal views, and a slowly reducing stigma around mental health.

Brands need to seriously embrace this or fall behind. While talking about it is important, what is even more important is living up to their promise.

Incorporate LinkedIn into Your Content Marketing Strategy

Could LinkedIn make an impact in your social media marketing? With the right content strategy – one that is tailored to the platform itself – businesses in both the B2B and B2C space can find success on this platform.

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