Why Your Company Needs Marketing Momentum

Jan 25, 2023 | Digital Marketing

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Every founder wants one thing – to move their business forward.

This is no exception when it comes to marketing. After all, the goal of investing in marketing initiatives is to grow your revenue – whether you’re focused on improving retention, cross-selling or attracting new business. 

This is why marketing momentum is so important.

What is marketing momentum?

Marketing momentum is the forward momentum, the progress of a marketing campaign or initiative. It can include the amount of resources being used in marketing (personnel, ad spend, budget), the overall effectiveness of campaigns or even the engagement from prospective customers.

To put it simply, marketing momentum is good and necessary. It plays a large role in the success of not only individual campaigns, but a company’s overall marketing play. 

The mistake companies make

One of the biggest mistakes founders make is losing marketing momentum. Why does this happen? There are a few reasons:

Lack of focus or clear goals.

When you aren’t clear on your goals, it’s difficult to maintain momentum. You may find the goal posts keep changing. Sometimes the focus shifts to operations or other areas of the business and marketing gets left behind. When it’s time to return to it, you have to start over because you’ve lost the momentum.

Strong results.

It seems counterintuitive, but sometimes when B2B companies start to see strong results, like an influx of new clientele from marketing, they decide to pull back because they no longer “need” the new clientele. However, this is a dangerous strategy, because when new clientele is needed again, it may be too late to start and cash flow problems could become an issue. Keep a steady stream of leads – even during your busiest season.

Changing market conditions.

External factors can impact marketing momentum too, like changes in consumer behaviour, world events or industry changes. That’s why an adaptable, agile approach is crucial.

Lack of follow-through.

If there’s a lack of follow-through on planned activities, you’ll lose marketing momentum. That’s why it’s so important to effectively plan and execute your marketing strategy.

Don’t lose marketing momentum

Momentum drives progress and success, and it also helps sustain interest and engagement. When you lose that marketing momentum, it can be difficult to regain the interest and engagement of your target audience again. This leads to lower ROI, slower results and overall less effective marketing spend.

Momentum also helps to build brand reputation – this is especially important for brands who have had issues with negative reputation in the past that they are trying to resolve, or newer brands who are trying to establish a good reputation. But every business can benefit from marketing momentum and should hold on to it as much as possible.

Keep pushing forward

It’s important to keep striving forward and hold on to that marketing momentum in order to grow successfully. A start-stop approach to marketing can hurt your business in the long run and greatly reduce the effectiveness of your marketing spend. Keep consistent effort and energy in your marketing for long-term success and business growth.