Web design and branding for a vacation rental management company.

We worked with this property management company, specialized in vacation rentals and short-term rentals, to design a new brand identity and develop a modern, SEO-friendly WordPress website.

What was done

Creative Direction

Identity Design


Marketing Strategy

Web Design

WordPress Web Development


Search Engine Optimization

Nioma Studio - Zatista Contemporary & Fine Art
Nioma Studio - Zatista Contemporary & Fine Art

The Challenge

We started working with the company in 2017. At the time, they were specialized in short-term rentals located in the downtown core. The company had evolved and shifted their specialization to vacation rental homes such as cottages, cabins and tiny homes. We needed a new brand identity and search-engine friendly website that reflected the shift.

The Solution

The first step was to refresh the company branding to something that was friendly yet modern, to elevate the look and feel. We completed a new brand identity design including the execution of a new logo design, brand colour palette and font system. 

Before creating the website, we conducted research and developed a refreshed web architecture to ensure the structure of the site was strategically aligned with the business goals. From there, we wrote search engine optimized web copy and designed, developed and optimized a user-friendly WordPress website. The result was a 30% increase in traffic within the first three months of launch.

Nioma Studio - Zatista Contemporary & Fine Art

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