Establishing a brand for BRRRR-focused real estate investment firm.

Akwaaba is a boutique real estate investment firm in Ontario specializing in BRRRR projects. Their main objective is creating safe and clean rental properties to contribute to the community.

What was done

Brand Identity

Logo Design

Web Design

WordPress Development

The Challenge

Akwaaba needed a brand identity that reflected their brand values in a polished, professional way. They wanted something that was unique and that incorporated their personality to help them stand out. 

They were also in need of an online presence to help them establish their brand in the real estate industry. They wanted a clean, modern website to showcase their brand mission and share their industry experience and previous successful projects.

Nioma Studio - Zatista Contemporary & Fine Art

The Solution

We worked with the real estate firm to create branding that drew inspiration from their name’s meaning. Akwaaba means “welcome” in Twi, a dialect of the Akan language spoken in southern and central Ghana. The logo was inspired by the Adinkra symbol for Akwaaba, which is known for its warm and friendly nature. 

We designed and developed a single-page scrolling website that showcases their work and approach, featuring a photo gallery of their past projects. The goal was to provide them with a modern online platform to connect with potential partners and investors. We considered their long term growth, designing a site that could be flexible and grow with them over time.

Recent Work

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